Stefan Wätzold

20 years of experience as an authorized representative and executive in the management of large-scale projects in the railway industry, inhouse consulting, marketing and sales, bid management and contract management.

Experience with international assignments in the 
United States, Canada, South Africa, China.

Founder of the company.

Kanan Al-Zubaidi

Several years of experience as an executive in
 engineering management in the railway 
industry, process digitalization, connectivity and integration (including software development).

International expertise in project management and general management in the automotive tier-1 sector.

Founder of the company.


Stefan Wätzold
+49 30 767597880

Kanan Al-Zubaidi
+49 30 767597870


Wätzold & Al-Zubaidi Management Consulting GmbH
Haus Cumberland, Kurfürstendamm 194, 10707 Berlin, Germany