Consultancy offer: Contract management

The development of partnerships, consortiums, joint ventures, and contractual relationships with your business partners requires additional effort over and above that needed in day-to-day business.

Typical problem areas

  • Poor contracts with suppliers, resulting in a lack of leverage when it comes to performance issues
  • Insufficient synchronization of delivery deadlines and payment milestones
  • Non-fulfilment of the customer specification and contract (requirements / quality, deadline), resulting in a risk of contractual penalties and claims
  • Possible legal confrontations

Our solutions

  • We deliver hands-on support by senior experts
  • Support in the development of structures for successful partnerships
  • Additional capacity and expertise for the initialization of partnerships, joint ventures, consortiums
  • Negotiation preparations (objectives, strategy, tactics)
  • Management of contract amendments
  • Support in avoiding legal confrontations
  • Claim management (offensive and defensive) and claim resolution
  • Harmonization of the functions required to continuously monitor the degree maturity and fulfilment
  • Integration of technical and deadline parameters as well as the formulation of clear degrees of task completion as a solid basis for a commercial partnership


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