Consultancy offer: Project launch

Project launches are intense and compressed project phases. In addition to the issues experienced in ongoing projects, the high momentum and the lack of synchronization typical in the project start-up phase represent further challenges and chances for error, which can only be corrected with considerable effort at a later stage. Planning has many unknowns, work packages are inadequately defined and lead/throughput times are overestimated or underestimated.


  • Requirements (customer, quality, approval, functional safety, production …) are not fully understood; a requirements management concept is not implemented and clearly agreed upon with external partners
  • The new team does not have a common foundation and background, is not fully allocated, or suitable resources are not yet available – the team composition is not optimal
  • The interfaces with the customer and with external partners are not fully established
  • The Supplier selection is unclear; make-or-buy decisions are pending
  • Wrong scaling of tools and processes (too many or too few)
  • The demands (production, etc.) of later project phases are not sufficiently taken into account in the start-up phase


  • We moderate structured start-up process within a defined period of time and create a plan (milestones, work packages, requirements, make-or-buy strategy) with clearly defined work results and interfaces
  • We offer team building and integration activities
  • We assess the key team members, their project roles and the organizational set up of the project team
  • We organize efficient kick-off meetings
  • We offer hands-on support by experienced professionals all the way to project and team management
  • We establish the interfaces to external partners
  • We establish the reporting and escalation system


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