Consultancy offer: Project management

For refurbishment and new build projects in the transportation sector.

Projects at risk: Excessive costs, too many resources invested, non-fulfillment or over-fulfillment of requirements, missed benchmarks and time-frames, loss of reputation, risks have materialized, loss of motivation.

Typical problem areas

  • Insufficient project status and progress transparency, resulting in an unclear focus and prioritization
  • Actors at the leadership and implementation levels do not share an equal understanding of core issues
  • Internal and external requirements (customer, homologation, quality, functional safety, production …) are not fully implemented or are misinterpreted
  • Too many changes in later project phases
  • Lack of risk and opportunity management (late identification, no actions / mitigation measures)
  • Insufficient interface management (e.g. between functions and project and line management, between purchasing and suppliers …)
  • Multi-project requirements put a strain on organization due to different approaches (tools and processes)
  • Loss of motivation and team spirit resulting from unsustainable structures and continuous trouble-shooting
  • Poor contracts with suppliers, resulting in a lack of leverage when it comes to performance issues
  • Non-fulfilment of the customer specification and contract (requirements / quality, deadline), resulting in a risk of contractual penalties and claims

Our solutions

  • Hands-on support by experienced professionals all the way to project and team management
  • We perform a holistic analysis, encompassing the project interfaces, and develop a suitable portfolio of processes and tools for a project and multi-project environment
  • We establish transparent and efficient monitoring of project progress
  • We reflect on the team and its structure, including roles and responsibilities, as well as the team’s integration into the organization
  • We increase motivation through team building, development and coaching
  • We jointly implement with our customers a reporting and escalation system, as well as increased efficiency of cooperation with the line organization
  • We provide support in the resolution and negotiation of commercial confrontations
  • We provide a holistic analysis of requirements management with regard to different project phases and contract fulfillment
  • We assist in the implementation of organizational changes and measures for optimal project execution


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